Learn to leverage your growth & wealth potential, fast — from an experienced business growth consultant.

Business growth consultant Phil Symchych challenges you, as the business owner, to rethink your assumptions — and in the process, get the results that really matter to you, faster and without the guesswork.

His presentation topics include: strengthening your management team, increasing revenue and profitability, boosting internal cash resources, raising productivity, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, gaining competitive advantages, and developing strategic leadership positions.

Using his insights as a business growth consultant, Phil helping you refocus on the three most essential requirements for growth — your strategy, your team, and your resources:

  • Having a business strategy built around the real value you provide to customers — not simply the products or services you provide, but the business problems you solve
  • Ensuring your management team has what they need to implement your business strategy, rather than trying to maximize short-term profits
  • Maintaining the resources you need to make better decisions, including people, time and information (the most underutilized resource in most mid-market companies)

As a seasoned business growth consultant, Phil also helps you move beyond the fundamentals — learning to think and act like the owner of a larger organization, while retaining the customer intimacy that helped you get to where you are currently. Even if you built your business “flying by the seat of your pants,” Phil can show you how creating and implementing a wealth builder blueprint is your most effective, sure-fire way to achieve the results you seek.


The Business Wealth Builder
Your business is likely your major source of cash for investing and may also be the largest investment in your portfolio. Therefore, your business performance is a major driver in creating business wealth both for short term cash and long term valuation for exit or sale. Phil will show you the six major steps to accelerating profits, improving cash flow, and increasing your business valuation in order to create more wealth.

Successful Succession
Seven steps to maximizing business value and positioning your company for succession or sale. Steps include:
fire yourself, it will be easier than you think; separate your owner/manager roles; develop management successors and excess capacity for critical roles in your business; provide information to empower individual decision making and enhance accountability.

How to Get Financing in Today’s Economy
How to get financing in today’s economy. Did you know your banker measures over 30 ratios on your business and analyzes your financial trends over several years? Do you do this? Does your banker know more about your business than you do?

Critical Business Metrics
Get your black belt in business metrics. Develop leading and lagging indicators for your business. Identify marketing, operational, and human resource metrics that are financial and non-financial. Use metrics in real-time to measure, control and influence business performance. Learn why a negative days to cash is a very good thing. Learn how to get a three dimensional view of your business in real time.