The Business Wealth Builders – Chapter 1

Accelerating Business Growth, Maximizing Profits, and Creating Wealth

The Business Wealth Builders provides pragmatic advice for business owners of privately held, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on how to grow their businesses, increase top-line revenues and bottom-line profits, enhance the value of their companies, and build their business wealth. This book is written for business owners, managers, executives, family business members, business advisors such as accountants and bankers, industry and trade associations, entrepreneurs, and students and professors of entrepreneurship and business. SMEs drive half of the economy in North America and generate the majority of net new jobs, so their performance and contributions to our standard of living are critically important.\ As large companies downsize, rightsize, offshore, and onshore their operations, entrepreneurs are innovating, hiring, and growing their businesses. Readers will benefit by learning techniques to sharpen their strategies, attract and retain more customers, deliver better products and services more quickly, charge higher prices, increase profits, and create businesses that are more valuable, more saleable, and more attractive to future owners, employees, and customers.