Financial Performance: Create your own fuel for growth and wealth

How do you measure your business’s financial performance?

As a business owner, your business is usually the main source of your personal cash and also a significant–if not the largest single investment– in your portfolio. It needs to perform. Yet, regular financial statements largely ignore both the cash generated and the wealth created.

Your Metrics Matter

Phil Symchych is a financial strategist and expert at determining what matters most to your cash flow, company valuation, and overall financial performance. He will show you how to identify critical metrics that are not on your financial statements—but should be—so that you can measure performance in real time, and adjust and improve it immediately.

Monthly financial statements are often too late to impact immediate change. In larger companies, CFOs are focused on compliance reporting, taxation, and bankers. That leaves managers and owners in the void. Phil will help you to create flash reports that measure performance daily. These give your management team immediate feedback over what’s working and what isn’t, so you have more control and confidence over future performance. After all, it’s your money.