Business process improvement — from strategy and financials to operations & management.

Phil Symchych leverages a unique array of experience and insights into business process improvement to help owners of mid-market companies achieve better results, faster. He focuses on providing fast, creative, and action-based recommendations, delivering measurable results, and giving each client the insights and tools they need to succeed moving forward.

Phil has provided numerous privately held, mid-market companies with strategic growth, financial, and business advisory services that deliver measurable results. In the process, he has gained first-hand exposure to the most challenging business process improvement issues — challenges that often begin with the owner’s need for more current, relevant information about their company’s production, sales pipeline and cash position.

His areas of expertise range from performance management and valuation enhancement to marketing and succession planning — as well as insights and innovations he uses to help clients accelerate profitable growth. In addition, Phil knows the right questions to ask. His approach begins with gaining insight into not only the owner’s financial and business ambitions, but also the financial aspects of their personal goals that often go under-examined.

Together, Phil’s business process improvement expertise and results-focused insights represent a unique and flexible resource for business owners who want to take their businesses to the next level.