How to go FAR in business

  |  December 7, 2015

Here is my formula for going FAR in business:

Go Far:  Focus x Action = Results


The first thing they teach you at any professional driving school is: Look where you want to go! Your hands and feet have been following your eyes for your whole life. The system works. Focus is about clear visibility.

We need to FOCUS our time and attention on the most important goals, plans, and activities that will create our ideal futures. Don’t automatically tolerate second best. Think about creating your ideal future, not where someone else wants you to go.

Look where you want to go!


Action is the movement and momentum created as we focus on our goals. Taking action means that you have traction and can proceed in the right direction. Once you know where you want to go, it’s time to step on the gas.

Although driverless cars may increase mobility for some in the future, they are not going to win any races. Action creates speed. Getting there first, even (and especially) in a non-perfect condition, is more important than looking pretty but coming in second place, or last place.


Results are the tangible outcomes that matter the most to you, your customers, your business, and especially your family. Results are about your relationships, how many vacation days with your partner or family, your health (easily determined by your waist circumference), your stress level, your wealth (easily determined by cash and investments less debt), time for hobbies, and anything else that is IMPORTANT to you.

Are you measuring the right results? More importantly, are you pursuing your optimal results?

You can go FAR in business–and in life–by focusing on your most important goals, taking action to increase speed and momentum, and achieving tangible and intangible results that matter the most to you and your family.

Full speed ahead!

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