|  November 14, 2016

In North America, trillions of dollars of business wealth is tied up in operating companies owned by people who want to or need to retire in the next few years. Business owners are further constrained by the dual roles they have: owner and manager. Our “SIX HOUR SUCCESSION(tm)” process divides and conquers these dual roles... Read More


  |  November 14, 2016

Speed is important in business. Connecting with your customers quickly and efficiently, before your competitors do, is critical to protecting and growing your revenue base. Continually developing and implementing new strategies can improve customer retention and attract new customers. To help you grow your business in real time, I’ve developed a unique and powerful offering... Read More

How to go FAR in business

  |  December 7, 2015

Here is my formula for going FAR in business: Go Far:  Focus x Action = Results Focus The first thing they teach you at any professional driving school is: Look where you want to go! Your hands and feet have been following your eyes for your whole life. The system works. Focus is about clear... Read More